OPINION: Critical mineral supply chains essential for economic development opportunities – by Don Bubar (Northern Ontario Business – May 27, 2020)


Security of critical minerals supply has now become a major concern for government in light of the COVID-19 disruption to global supply chains. A North American solution is required to reduce reliance on China as a sole source of supply of many of our critical minerals.

North America does not have the full supply chains needed for many new technologies – such as electric vehicles, energy storage, sensor and data processing applications) and pharmaceuticals – although we do have all these minerals in the ground.

Northern Ontario is blessed with resources of many of these critical minerals, often referred to as “technology metals,” including all the elements needed in lithium-ion battery technology.

So why aren’t we already taking advantage of this rich mineral endowment to establish rechargeable battery manufacturing capacity in Ontario? The answer lies in regulatory policy that has not adapted to the unique circumstances developers of non-traditional mineral commodities, like lithium, are facing.

Regulatory change is clearly needed, as mining regulations are effectively blocking these supply chain developments.

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