Sudbury: Expect more earthquakes as mines dig deeper, Vale says – by Casey Stranges (CBC News Sudbury – April 27, 2020)

Mining giant Vale says seismic activity around its Sudbury-area mines is likely linked to its deep drilling operations, and it’s a possibility that more incidents will follow.

Natural Resources Canada recorded two earthquakes last week. A 3.6 MN (magnitude) tremor hit Creighton Mine Thursday morning, and a 3.0 MN quake forced Garson Mine to stop operations Friday night and all day Saturday.

According to Natural Resources Canada’s website, it’s unlikely that any quake that registers below 5 MN would cause damage above ground, though tremors were felt as far away as Lively.

Gilbert Lamarche, Vale’s head of Mines and Mills Technical Services, said inspection teams were on the scene quickly while the company brought its workers above ground.

“First and foremost, our number one priority is to get people to safe locations, as there may be unknowns right after it happens,” Lamarche said.

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