Michael Moore turns on climate left with film skewering green energy – by Valerie Richardson (Washington Post – April 24, 2020)


Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore is under attack from his putative climate allies with a newly released documentary taking on one of the sacred cows of the environmental movement: green energy.

“Planet of the Humans,” released this week free of charge on YouTube to coincide with Earth Day, argues that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy is not only a pipe dream, but that solar arrays, wind farms and biomass are doing enormous damage of their own to the environment.

The blowback from the left was immediate. Josh Fox, director of the anti-fracking films “Gasland” and “Gasland Part II,” called on activists, scientists and others to sign a letter “demanding an apology and an immediate retraction by the [film’s] producers, director and other advocates.”

“It was very difficult to write this letter, because Michael Moore has always been a hero of mine,” Mr. Fox said, but argued that the latest documentary was “a blatant affront to science, renewable energy, environmental activism and truth itself.”

Written, directed and narrated by veteran environmentalist Jeff Gibbs, the film also accuses the green movement of selling out to corporate America, taking shots at leading figures such as former Vice President Al Gore, 350.org’s Bill McKibben, former Obama green-jobs adviser Van Jones, the Sierra Club, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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