Building blocks to a better battery for mining vehicles: Stacktronic to test new battery system in Sudbury – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – April 1, 2020)

A Kitchener-based startup has developed a new battery system for electrifying underground mining vehicles, and Sudbury is poised to play a key role in moving the technology toward commercialization.

Stacktronic has created a modular battery system that can be pieced together like Lego blocks to produce a battery of any size, any shape and any capacity, depending on the needs of the vehicle.

It’s a solution that could potentially save time and money for mining operations. It began as a capstone project for a group of mechanical engineering students in their final year studying at the University of Waterloo, noted Keith Teeple, one of the founders.

Though it was initially devised for use by researchers running tests in the lab, the group quickly realized how well the idea fit the needs of the mining industry.

“Mining vehicles are specialized, they have some pretty funky shapes and geometries, and they need to be able to fit into small spaces, so you don’t always have the luxury of big, rectangular cavities on board a vehicle to fit on board a large battery pack,” Teeple said.

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