Canada’s future is going down the drain amid destructive federal-provincial feud – by John Ivison (National Post – February 24, 2020)

“Provincial and federal governments have their differences but if
their focus remains on one another, there will soon be no oilpatch
to phase out – and no money to pay for poverty-reduction. Much more
of this and Venezuela is going to look like an attractive investment alternative.”

As Canada goes down the drain, its political leaders are arguing about the size of the plug-hole.

The Alberta Court of Appeal decision, which rules that the federal carbon tax is unconstitutional and erodes provincial jurisdiction, is merely the latest blow to Canada’s brand as a safe and reliable investment haven.

Why would any sentient investor put money into energy projects in a country where environmental policy is so erratic? Justin Trudeau’s political opponents were quick to exploit the decision by Teck Resources to shelve the giant Frontier oil sands project.

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, said Trudeau’s “weakness and fear” in dealing with his “left wing’ caucus and “radical activists” persuaded him to kill the mine by means of delay and constantly moving the goalposts.

There’s no doubt the Trudeau Liberals deserve their share of the blame for casting into doubt the fate of a project that had already been deemed in the public interest by a federal-provincial review panel, after a nine year approval process.

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