Sudbury’s iconic Superstack easing into retirement – by Jim Moodie (Sudbury Star – February 19, 2020)

One of two new, smaller stacks already in operation

The long plumes that used to flow from the Superstack in Copper Cliff have been reduced to wisps as the mega chimney nears retirement and two mini versions take over.

You could call it a passing of the baton, although in this case it’s more like breaking one really big one in half. In fact, each of the replacement stacks is closer to a third of the size of the original.

The Superstack stretches 1,250 feet in height and is more than 100-feet-wide at its base. The new stacks are much slimmer and top out at 450 feet. Lights now adorn the shorter towers and one is already emitting puffs of smoke.

“One of the new stacks is currently in operation for venting the fluid bed dryer and the Superstack is still used for occasional venting of process gases until the second stack is in operation,” said Dana Pagnutti, with Vale corporate affairs, in a message to The Star.

She said there is still some work to do on “required equipment” for the other new stack before it can also kick into gear. “Timelines to completion are still being determined,” said Pagnutti. “Once the second stack comes into operation, Vale will be able to decommission the Superstack.”

A fixture on the Sudbury skyline for almost 50 years, the giant chimney is now expected to cease operation by April.

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