The millennial eco-activists stopping trains are the new colonialists – by John Ivison (National Post – February 18, 2020)

While so-called ‘settlers’ protest the pipeline, Indigenous leaders want the project that will bring economic prosperity

The uber-woke protesters who blockaded a CN rail line last weekend would be horrified at being accused of cultural colonialism. But they are as guilty of telling Indigenous Canadians how to live their lives as any Father of Confederation.

The reason 50 of them snuck into the MacMillan Yard north of Toronto and set up camp was to protest the “oppression” of the Wet’suwet’en 4,000 kilometres away in British Columbia — an Indigenous nation whose traditional land they say was “invaded” by the RCMP in an act of colonialist aggression.

Natali Montilla, 27, explained the thinking that shutdown CN’s west-bound line for seven hours on Saturday. She referred to herself as a settler on Canadian land, but one with Indigenous roots in Venezuela.

She said the land she calls “Turtle Island” has been stolen from its native inhabitants. Canadians should be prepared to give up a “cozy lifestyle” that “upholds white supremacy” and is built on the exploitation of the Indigenous population, she said, though she was less clear what she would forgo. “I don’t have a home, a car or a family,” she said.

Montilla and her comrades are effectively saying they know what’s best for the people who live in the communities along the route. The juxtaposition of the views of the eco-activists with those who actually live there couldn’t be more stark.

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