WHAT B.C. NEEDS TO BE NO. 1 IN THE WORLD OF MINING (Mata Press Service – February 13, 2020)


The mining industry in British Columbia is facing a crisis of confidence due to increasing red tape and social licence issues that has dampened investor confidence.

This sentiment was clear at the recent Association for Mineral Exploration’s (AME) 2020 Roundup convention, which brought together more than 5,000 delegates from industry, government and First Nations.

Despite this prevailing perception, fuelled by the fact that no new mines have opened In British Columbia in the last two years, mining continues to be a mainstay of the provincial economy.

According to the latest government data available, direct employment in B.C.’s mineral sector accounted for 38,440 jobs; production estimates for major commodities mined in the province was $8.8 billion while industry mineral exploration spending totalled $246 million.

In the wake of the AME convention, a BC Chamber of Commerce survey found British Columbians understand the important contribution mining and other natural resources to their economic well-being.

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