“Bit of a quiet year” for Northern Prospectors Association, says President – by Brad Sherratt (Kirkland Lake Northern News – February 10, 2020)


The President of the Northern Prospectors Association says his group “had a bit of quiet year In as much as that most of our meetings and discussions were not so much based on being reactionary in context when compared to dealing with the past provincial Liberal government and its hostility toward exploration and mining.”

During the association’s recent Annual General Meeting, Gino Chitaroni said “since the Ford Government took over, there has been serious relief from government stress and pressure on our industry as a whole. Yes, the MMAC government committee is gone and many of us are quite happy it is. Nonetheless, exploration appears to be somewhat forgotten even though the Ontario Government created the Mining Working Group.

“This working group is heavily slanted toward red tape reduction at the mining development and operations stage. At least this group is trying to bring in “Made in Ontario” solutions for flow through financing, renewed JEAP financing and early stage engagement with First Nations and for exploration permitting.

The Ontario Prospectors Association (OPA) fully supports these exploration initiatives by the Mining Working Group. As does the OPA, the NPA we would like much more MENDM engagement with supporting exploration in Ontario.”

Chitaroni added “MLAS is still a major work in progress but MENDM has been making strides with a working committee that meets about every three weeks with industry experts. This kind of process appears to be working but it may take years to iron out most of the MLAS issues.”

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