Weekend rockfall the 11th at Donkin Mine since 2017 – by Sharon Montgomery (Halifax Chronicle Herald – February 4, 2020)


DONKIN, N.S. — Kameron Collieries has experienced another rockfall at their Donkin Mine. “This is in a production area, about 70 feet from where they were last mining,” said Scott Nauss, the senior director of inspections and compliance with the Department of Labour.

Nauss said the rockfall occurred at an intersection sometime over the weekend. “There was no production, no mining going on,” he said. “The nightshift came in over the weekend and noticed it.”

The mine cordoned off the area and reported it to the department first thing Monday morning. Nauss said a stop-work order was issued for that section of the mine. He said they responded right away and conducted an inspection.

“We are still working on that inspection,” he said “We’re going to determine if they were in compliance with their ground control plan. This is the first one that occurred in a production area since they implemented the new revised ground control plan.”

The mine has been issued two follow-up orders: to clean up the rockfall and to do an assessment to determine what happened and implement some corrective measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

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