Go underground with these 7 exciting Canadian mine tours – by Mark Stachiew (Canada.com – January 17, 2020)


Canada’s economy has long been reliant on its wealth of natural resources. While the country is today home to a growing number of high-tech and modern industries, natural resources like lumber, oil and gold remain a mainstay and the harvesting of those resources remains woven into the fabric of the nation..

Visitors can bear witness to that history and the human stories behind it by touring one of the country’s many mines that have been transformed into destinations that not only tell the stories of the places and the people who worked there, but also teach visitors about the minerals and ores that were extracted there and their importance both locally and nationally. Here are seven examples for you to check out, several of which are Canadian Signature Experiences.

Bell Island #2 Mine and Community Museum 13 Compressor Hill (Bell Island, Newfoundland

Newfoundland’s Bell Island mine was an underground iron ore mine that was vital to the island’s economy and provided crucial material for the Allied war effort during both World Wars.

Today, large amounts of the mine are flooded, but enough of the tunnels remain dry that you can still go inside to see for yourself how it operated. The attached museum explains the mine’s history and draws special attention to the island’s shipwrecks that were the result of German U-Boat attacks during 1942 that tried to stop ore shipments to the mainland. Adventurous scuba divers can explore the wrecks with OceanQuest Adventures.

Miners’ Museum (Glace Bay, Nova Scotia)

There was a time that coal powered the world and the mines at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia were among the nation’s busiest. Today, that history is celebrated at the Miners’ Museum and visitors can go underground to learn about the dangers of working in a colliery led by actual coal miners who tell first-hand tales of their time underground.

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