Billionaire Frank Giustra slams fake news on hiding Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, says it’s all about Clinton hate not the Royals – Kitco News exclusive – by Daniela Cambone (Kitco News – January 13, 2020)

(Kitco News) – Canadian mining mogul and philanthropist Frank Giustra refuses to remain silent and is fighting back at right-wing media which reported he is providing a luxe hideout for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in his home in British Columbia.

Over the weekend, the popular gossip site Page Six of the New York Post reported that Harry and Meghan were staying at a multi-million dollar waterfront mansion near Victoria, British Columbia – the place they plotted their “shock exit” from the royal family.

The media outlet tied the mansion to Giustra – an uber successful mining mogul and the founder of film studio Lionsgate which produced hits including American Psycho and Fahrenheit 9/11. The news story was later picked up by Fox News, the Daily Mail and The Sun and has gone viral on various social media outlets.

In an exclusive with Kitco News, Giustra said he is disturbed and fed up with the vicious cycle of “fake news,” – noting he does not own a home in, or near, Victoria, British Columbia and has never been contacted by a member of the British Royal family including the Duke and Duchess.

Giustra rather sees this media spin as having nothing to do with the Royals but as another opportunity for the press to drag his name and that of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Canadian philanthropist launched the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership in 2007 to alleviate poverty in poor communities around the world. At the time of the launch, he pledged $100 million and announced it would be his life’s work.

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