Capt. Kenney journeys to the heart of the Obfuscation Galaxy – by Rex Murphy (National Post – December 11, 2019)

Trudeau might want to rev up the (free) Enterprise and go where no Liberal has gone before — to the galactic outpost of Fort McMurray itself

Early this week Captain Kenney and at least eight other explorers travelled from the Alberta Belt to spend all of Monday and Tuesday in hoped-for meetings with the space-time continuum lifeforms that cosmologists and political science interns refer to as the Ottawa Confabulation.

They populate a region housing a concentration of civil servants and politicians that forms the dark centre mass of the Obfuscation Galaxy. Kenney and his crew had just emerged from their space vehicle, Greta II … (Ed. Stop it. Now!)

Well, if I must yield to a purely terrestrial account, Premier Jason Kenney and his ministers made a second visit in less than two weeks to continue urging the case for some “rearrangements” in the Confederation, in part to ward off the deep and pervasive disenchantments in their home province.

In the past five years or so, what I prefer to call anti-Ottawa sentiment, as opposed to anti-Confederation sentiment, has gone from simmer to full boil, from spark to blaze, a condition that requires no polls or surveys to validate. Just drop into Alberta for a few days.

Or if you do wish proof, consider the total wipeout of the Liberal party in Alberta and Saskatchewan (for this is not just an Alberta phenomenon) in the recent election. Disenchantment has no heartier expression than complete expulsion.

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