New boss at Vale – Dino Otranto – favours improved safety and being more competitive – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – December 5, 2019)

“We have an abundance of ore here, one of the top three nickel-copper orebodies
in the entire world, right here. We haven’t really scratched

the surface of the potential of that orebody,” Dino Otranto said.

Dino Otranto, the new man at the helm of Vale Base Metals in Canada, said he is more than pleased with the level of commitment from Vale employees. He was equally overwhelmed at the level of innovation and technology being used to keep the company successful. Just as important, he said, is the critical need to be more competitive.

Otranto, who has a blue chip mining résumé stretching back to the early 2000s, is the new chief operating officer for Vale’s North Atlantic Operations and Asian Refineries. Prior to that, he was the company’s chief technology officer based in Toronto.

As he spoke recently from his office in Sudbury, Otranto said he had no plan to shake things up when he moved into his role earlier in 2019.

“I think it has been a bit daunting walking into a role that has had so much turnover in this position. So I think one of the first objectives that Angie Robson (manager, corporate affairs and sustainability) and I set out was to display a message of some relative calmness and stability,” said Otranto.

He said rather than being that new guy coming in with a list of changes, he said the plan was to stick to the fundamentals of doing things that has made Vale successful. “The people in this place are unbelievable. Their commitment to make this business a success is phenomenal. I have never seen a more engaged workforce my entire life. It is really, really impressive,” Otranto said.

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