Trudeau’s ridiculous, holier-than-thou climate policies are making emissions much worse – by Diane Francis (Financial Post – December 3, 2019)

For every pipeline and well and LNG plant that is not built in Canada, the Chinese and Indians will simply burn more dirty coal

The inconvenient truth about the Kyoto-Paris Agreement on climate change is that the 1997 deal has been a major flop because it was flawed from the beginning. It should be scrapped and completely overhauled and Canada’s Liberals should have realized this before they embarked on their ruinous attack against the country’s resource base.

The failure of the agreement, evidenced by emissions that are climbing alarmingly fast, reveal how the Trudeau government’s holier-than-thou approach on climate change is naive and completely misguided.

The facts are that Ottawa should have been building lots of pipelines, approving many LNG export projects, and leading an international movement to scrap and try to redo the Paris agreement.

The agreement has been dramatically counter-productive because targets were not applied equally and globally. Of the 192 countries that signed on in 1997, only the 37 developed countries had to agree to reduce emissions. The undeveloped nations — notably China and India — had no restrictions placed on them. They argued that restrictions on emissions would hold back their economic development.

That’s fine, but targets should have been phased in and applied to all countries. This benefit should not have been permanently baked in. The result was predictable and noted by the Americans, Canadians and Australians at the time.

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