Could there be a second Sudbury mining camp? – Staff (Northern Ontario Business – November 15, 2019)

Inventus Mining claims “breakthrough” that opens “new exploration frontier” in Sudbury Basin

An exploration company probing for nickel and other base metals on the outer fringes of the Sudbury Basin is claiming a “breakthrough” on one of its properties.

Inventus Mining Corp. said it’s found the same kind of rock formations on its Sudbury 2.0 property that’s known to host Sudbury’s “world class” nickel, copper and platinum group metals deposits.

In a Nov. 14 news release, Toronto-based Inventus heralds the “opening of a new exploration frontier” in the basin, based on the discovery of three offset dykes and a breccia belt more than 14 kilometres long.

In the Sudbury mining camp, dykes are considered attractive exploration targets to look for potential orebodies. These mineral-rich geological formations were created by the meteorite hit that formed the Sudbury Basin close to two billion years ago.

Inventus has two main properties, Sudbury 2.0 and the Pardo Paleoplacer Gold Project, 40 kilometres and 65 kilometres northeast of the city, respectively. This area has long been considered prospective ground for mining companies to look for a second mining camp.

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