Ontario Mining Association: Making the world cleaner, greener and technologically advanced – by Daniel Brightmore (Global Mining – October 21, 2019)


Mining Global hears from Ontario Mining Association President Chris Hodgson on the capabilities of the mining industry to deliver the minerals and metals making modern life and innovation possible.

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry in the province of Ontario. One of the longest serving trade organisations in Canada, much has changed since the association was founded, but its mission remains consistent: to improve the competitiveness of Ontario’s mining industry while promoting safety and sustainability.

“Down the years, the OMA has maintained its core commitment to these ideals while embracing the change we’ve seen across the evolution of society’s expectations and the mining industry’s capacity to meet them,” confirms OMA President Chris Hodgson.

With its centenary fast approaching, Hodgson believes the OMA is well placed to continue to provide support to its members and the Canadian mining industry for another 100 years. “Our strength comes from our members,” he pledges.

“We take a collaborative approach to address issues affecting the industry across various committees. We also work with other associations both at federal and provincial levels that are mining related, for the juniors and seniors. But we also work with governments, industry coalitions, academic research institutions, NGOs, and the public. Historically we’ve worked constructively with many communities of interest. We’ve had considerable success as today’s technological disruptions now call for a greater variety of input.”

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