Silicon Valley wants to put diamond mines out of business – by growing gems in a lab using solar power – by Margi Murphy (The Telegraph – September 5, 2019)

If you have ever found yourself on one knee clutching a ring, or on the receiving end of such a gesture, you might not wish to read any further.

The value of diamonds as an investment is set to diminish and within a decade the gem will be as commonly found in computer chips, satellites and even medical implants. At least, that’s what Silicon Valley’s avant-garde lab-grown diamond purveyors are banking on.

“We want to drive prices down because we think there are going to be many more applications for diamonds right now,” says Martin Roscheisen, founder of Diamond Foundry. “Right now, diamonds are way too expensive”.

Roscheisen’s company produces diamonds in an unmarked building south of San Francisco, in a cluster of biotech start-ups. Flanked by a parked taco truck, it is hard to imagine the chemistry going on behind closed doors.

Inside, engineers use proprietary reactors that mimic the extreme pressure and fiery heat that creates plasma that with the addition of carbon, produces natural diamonds.

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