Thunder Bay: Mining conference to expand knowledge of new method of mineral exploration – by Jeff Walters (CBC News Thunder Bay – June 12, 2019)

Technique now possible due to improvements in lithium batteries which power monitoring equipment

Improvements in lithium batteries are one of the major reasons a new mineral exploration method could soon take off in northwestern Ontario.

Lakehead University will host PACIFIC (passive seismic techniques for envoirnmentally-friendly and cost-efficient mineral exploration), an international group of universities, government agencies and private companies which want to develop new exploration tools.

“It’s getting harder and harder to find mines,” said John McBride, a project geologist with Stillwater Canada, one of the companies involved in the project.

“The easy ones have already been found. So, we’re looking deeper, we’re looking in more difficult terrain, more difficult areas to access, and we need the right tools to be able to do that.”

McBride said the new technique uses recording equipment, which looks like a metal paint can, to record naturally occurring waves in the earth. Where an anomaly in the rock occurs, the wave is altered, which is picked up by the equipment.

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