Port of Saint John becomes exporter of potash despite Sussex mine shutdown (CTV Atlantic – June 11, 2019)


Pipelines have been controversial, but the so-called potash pipeline between Saskatchewan and Saint John has been a surprise success story even after our region’s only potash mine ceased production.

When potash mining abruptly came to an end three years ago in the Sussex area, the next domino that was expected to fall was the potash export terminal at the port of Saint John.

“In the worst-case scenario, we saw the potash terminal being mothballed, said Pat Riley of the International Longshoreman’s Association. “Without potash it just does not work.” But it is working, with potash mined in Saskatchewan and shipped by rail to New Brunswick.

“It’s a potash pipeline if you will,” said Jim Quinn, the CEO of the Port of Saint John. “From the West, from Saskatchewan, from right across Canada, with our longest heaviest trains, through Moncton, to the port and out to the global marketplace.”

The potash industry says, even though the product wasn’t coming from New Brunswick anymore, shipping potash thousands of kilometers across the country was still worthwhile.

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