Saskatchewan giving early consideration for small nuclear reactors – by David Baxter (Global News – May 16, 2019)

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has found anti-carbon tax allies in Ontario Premier Doug Ford and New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs. Moe said they have been discussing another power option too, small modular reactors.

Moe said talks around the technology are in the very early stages, but the door appears to at least be open a crack for the prospect of nuclear power in Saskatchewan.

“That’s not saying we’re moving ahead with that but we most certainly want to have the conversation around the clean supply of nuclear power in the province,” Moe said.

“We have the uranium. It’s incumbent on us to have the discussion as we ultimately add to our power generation capabilities in Estevan, either carbon capture and storage (CCS) or maybe something of this nature.”

SaskPower plans on getting renewable power generation up to 50 per cent by 2030, through expanding wind, solar and purchasing hydro from Manitoba. Through an equivalency agreement with the federal government, Saskatchewan will be shutting down three coal power stations by 2030.

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