Sudbury: ‘Sudbury would have stayed invisible’: Dick DeStefano on his 15 years as head of SAMSSA – by Casey Stranges (CBC News Sudbury – May 9, 2019)

A long-time advocate of Sudbury’s mining sector is calling it a career. After 15-years as head of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association (SAMSAA) Dick DeStefano announced he is retiring.

The goal of the organization is to champion local service and mining equipment providers in Sudbury. DeStefano told CBC News that the group was able to create a “continual flow of information and awareness” of the sector.

“When we finally discovered there were over 25,000 people working in the industry and 8 per cent of the population in Sudbury worked in the supply industry alone and was generating something like $5 billion in sales, it seemed to be obvious to me that we really had a business that collectively was very powerful,” DeStefano said.

“I began to talk to people around the world, asking them what they thought of the Sudbury basin and the general comment was probably it’s the best place in the world to find underground mining services and products.”

Sudbury would have stayed ‘invisible’

Without the group’s efforts at brining manufacturers, service providers and financiers together, DeStefano said Sudbury would not be heralded as an international hub for mining technology.

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