B.C. is getting what it wanted, and it sure doesn’t like it – by Kelly McParland (National Post – May 3, 2019)


How rich is it that the province of British Columbia, which has done so much to prevent Alberta from shipping more oil, has gone to court to force that province to keep sending as much of the stuff as possible?

If B.C. Premier John Horgan has any grasp of irony at all — not to mention a sense of the truly ridiculous — he must look in the mirror and see Jim Carrey. It would take the sort of mind behind the creation of Ace Ventura to fully appreciate the absurdity of the position B.C. has manufactured for itself thanks to its determined posturing and preaching on the matter of oil pipelines and climate change.

Horgan’s government went to court Wednesday to shake its fist at Alberta, insisting that new Premier Jason Kenney has violated the constitution by proclaiming a new law enabling him to shut off the taps that send oil to B.C.

Horgan’s New Democrats claim the law should be rejected because it targets just one province: theirs. Of course, since the pipeline in question only goes to one province — there being no other provinces between Alberta and the Pacific — it would be impossible for it to do otherwise.

And Alberta has been making the exact same argument about Ottawa’s Bill C-48, which would place limits on tanker traffic along the B.C. coast, which Alberta says is a single-minded attack on its energy industry, and which enacts restrictions that apply to one coast but not the other.

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