Sponsored Content: Little House of Gold on the Prairie: Gold Exploration in Saskatchewan (Investing News Network – April 24, 2019)

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Gold exploration in Saskatchewan is an overlooked but promising segment of the industry in a stable jurisdiction with the least amount of regulatory uncertainty of any Canadian province.

When discussing mining in Saskatchewan, uranium and potash take most of the attention and there is good reason why. Saskatchewan’s uranium and potash reserves are of global significance. Resource size, purity and accessibility are key to Saskatchewan’s C$6.7 billion in mineral sales last year.

Gold exploration in Saskatchewan would seemingly be an afterthought. After all, Ontario and Quebec produced roughly 75 percent of Canada’s total gold in 2017. By comparison, Canada’s prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba produced a mere 3.8 percent combined. A 2012 report into Saskatchewan’s gold potential reveals just how underexplored the province is despite historic and current operations.

Despite more established producing regions in Ontario and Quebec, gold potential in Saskatchewan should not be overlooked. The province has a long history of gold production beginning in the early 20th century, which led to the development of 23 gold mines.

A simple search of Saskatchewan’s Mineral Deposit Index reveals 806 gold showings spread throughout the province. In the Reindeer zone section of the Pre-Cambrian Shield that lies in the province’s north, significant showings are located in the La Ronge, Glennie Lake, Kisseynew and Flin Flon designated gold-bearing regions, according to a report by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.

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