Returning green to a blackened landscape: Microbiologist opens MMTS week with talk on mine remediation using microbes – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – April 15, 2019)

Nearly two centuries of mining in northeastern Ontario has left its mark with waste from thousands of mines.

But Nadia Mykytczuk said that waste can be turned into another mining opportunity and at the same time clean up the dirtier parts of the industry’s legacy.

Mykytczuk, a microbiologist, was the guest speaker at the kickoff luncheon for Modern Mining and Technology Sudbury Week (MMTS), hosted by the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, on April 12.

An audience of 90 listened to her presentation about the history of biotechnology in mining and its future, of which, she said, Sudbury is in a perfect position to be a hub.

She is the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation industrial research chair in biomining, bioremediation and science communication at the Vale Living with Lakes Centre, as well as an assistant professor at the School of the Environment at Laurentian University. Not long ago, the perception by scientists was that Sudbury was an ecological dead zone permanently scarred by nearly 200 years of mining.

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