Environmental concerns raised after CanPacific proposes new potash mine near Regina (CBC News Saskatchewan – April 2, 2019)


CanPacific documents say majority of site would be on cultivated land

An environmental group is expressing concern about a proposed 3.25 million-tonne per year CanPacific Potash mine near the village of Sedley, Sask.

CanPacific submitted its final environment impact statement to the province in January, the company says, and the project is pending environmental assessment approval.

Trevor Herriot, spokesperson for the group Public Pastures — Public Interest, said his concerns began when he read the environmental impact statement for the proposed mine near Sedley, which is about 50 kilometres southeast of Regina.

“The statement indicates that there are thousands of hectares of both native grassland and important wetlands … that could all be potentially affected by the well site development,” he said.

According to a fact sheet from CanPacific Potash — which is a joint venture between North Atlantic Potash Inc. and Rio Tinto Potash Management Inc. — the Project Albany proposal involves a 50,000 hectare potash lease, 84 per cent of which is cultivated land. The other 16 per cent includes grassland, wetland and roadways, CanPacific’s fact sheet says.

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