30 years to fix Western alienation. One Trudeau to revive it – by Kelly McParland (National Post – March 29, 2019)


It’s remarkable how quickly Trudeau has eroded decades of effort to reassure Westerners about their place in Confederation

Despite the pressures of a struggling economy and the best efforts of numerous rivals to get under her skin, Rachel Notley has always managed to maintain the air of a fairly civil disposition as premier of Alberta.

It was noteworthy, then, when she let loose Friday on Senators in Ottawa, who had decided to skip Alberta while holding hearings on an oil tanker bill that will have profound implications for the province.

“I gotta tell you, this is kind of an unprecedented stampede of stupid,” Notley said. “I’m stunned. Albertans deserve better from Canada.”

Maybe they deserve better, but since the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals they’ve become accustomed to disappointment. The Trudeau government has shown itself to be less than efficient at bringing to fruition any number of the visionary pledges they dangled before voters in 2015, but they’ve been absolutely masterful at reawakening the anger and resentment that held sway for so long, and took decades to dissipate.

Albertans haven’t been so quick to shake their fists and spit epithets in an eastern direction since the days of Peter Lougheed and his epic confrontation with Trudeau’s father over energy policy.

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