Global Witness says more needs to be done to halt human rights abuses in diamond mining – by Marleny Arnoldi ( – March 20, 2019)

International nonprofit organisation Global Witness (GW) has welcomed the World Diamond Council’s (WDC’s) response to the government-led Kimberley Process (KP) certification scheme, but says more needs to be done.

The organisation pointed out in a release that the WDC had, in recent weeks, issued statements that acknowledge serious human rights concerns in the diamond mining sector, while it indicated a shift towards greater transparency in what has been a “notoriously opaque” industry.

GW said the KP had failed to break the links between diamonds and human rights abuses and agreed with the WDC in its highlighting of the critical need for industry to take steps towards responsible diamond sourcing.

It further stated that it remains to be seen whether the WDC’s statements are empty words intended to burnish the sector’s tarnished image, or if they represent a genuine shift towards recognition that the diamond industry must embrace transparent and responsible business conduct.

GW said it was particularly notable that in the recent WDC statements the council has committed to leading transparency and business conduct from within its ranks.

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