THE DRIFT: Shooting the globe, one mine at a time: Sudbury photographer specializes in mining industrial photography – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – March 18, 2019)

Mining is a dirty, distinctly unsexy business. It’s hot and uncomfortable underground, and everything is coated in a fine layer of grime. Yet, with the right lens, an adjustment in lighting, and an eye for detail, James Hodgins makes the industry and its people look downright badass.

Over the last six years, the Sudbury-based photographer has travelled around the world under his professional moniker, International Mining Industrial Photographer, capturing on film every facet of the sector, from machinery to equipment to the personnel who make it all happen.

His clients include global mining giants and small, Northern Ontario service suppliers. As companies aim to secure a foothold in a competitive, often volatile industry, Hodgins helps them stand apart from the crowd by creating distinctive, high-impact images used to market their products and services.

It’s Hodgins’ photo, taken at Pure Gold Mining’s Madsen Gold Project in the Red Lake Mining District, that graces the cover of the inagurual issue of The Drift. “A picture says 1,000 words,” Hodgins said. “When you see an image, you tend to focus on it a little longer.”

Effective lighting and unique composition are hallmarks of Hodgins’ photographs. Companies use them on their websites and social media feeds, as part of their investor presentations, and in their promotional literature distributed at industry tradeshows.

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