THE DRIFT: SymBot gleans data for improved mining operations – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – March 12, 2019)

Sudbury company on leading edge of data-mining software

When the world talks about the Sudbury mining supply and service cluster, it’s impossible not to think of Symboticware.

Specializing in the collection, storage and transmission of standardized data, the company is one of the pioneers that helped transform the city into the respected global centre of expertise it is today.

It’s led by its co-founder and president, Timmins-raised Kirk Petroski, who spent the first part of his career prospecting and conducting geotechnical work before transitioning into the digital side of the business, building websites and database portals for mining companies.

“What it gave me was a really good perspective on the lifecycle of mining and different products and services,” Petroski said. “But I really wanted to build a product company…and in 2008 the idea was to create this platform, which we’ve developed now in the last 10 years, and the platform was to create real-time data from mobile equipment to make mines safer and more productive.”

The company’s flagship product is the SymBot, a rugged, grapefruit-sized computer that, when attached to underground equipment, collects data from sensors, stores timestamped data into an internal database, and transmits it over a mine’s existing communications infrastructure to SymView, the product’s corresponding server and data aggregator.

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