China could be a big winner if Donald Trump restricts US uranium imports, experts say (South China Morning Post – February 8, 2019)

China could be a big winner if the Trump administration demands that 25 per cent of United States’ uranium demand is supplied by American mines, experts say.

Currently both the US and China import more than 90 per cent of the uranium they consume. The US is, however, considering a 25 per cent domestic production quota for national security reasons.

This would make an extra 4.5 million kilogram of uranium available on the global market, at a time when Chinese uranium buyers are scouring the globe for more purchases.

“China would actually benefit from a [US] import quota. When the supply of uranium increases in the general market, the price will drop, which is good for big uranium consumers like China,” said David Bo, president AP Energy Investments, a Beijing-based company that invests in energy and mining.

In January last year, two US uranium miners, Energy Fuels and Ur-Energy, filed a Section 232 petition with the US Department of Commerce urging the Trump administration to cordon off a quarter of the uranium industry for American miners.

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