On Bill C-69, Alberta forced to seek salvation in the Senate – by Don Braid (Calgary Herald – February 6, 2019)


It’s frightening to realize that beginning Wednesday, Alberta’s economic future lies in the hands of — gulp! — the Senate of Canada. Senate hearings start into the Liberal government’s Bill C-69, which threatens the prospect of any major pipeline construction in Canada, ever again.

During an in camera session Tuesday, the Senate’s committee on energy, the environment and natural resources agreed to hold public hearings in every region of Canada.

“I see this as very positive,” says Alberta Sen. Doug Black, who has long pushed for travelling hearings. He expects the committee to hear bitter opposition to C-69 from coast to coast to coast.

Much has been written about Bill C-69 and the conclusions are often conflicting, precisely because the bill is so amorphous that it’s open to many interpretations.

But here’s one powerful theme: Bill C-69 makes pipelines and oil and gas secondary to a wide array of aspirational social goals, worthy in themselves but only mystically connected to a run of pipe carrying oil to a destination.

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