Is B.C. entering a new golden age for copper? – by Nelson Bennett (Business Vancouver – February 5, 2019)

Province has good copper exploration potential, but success is very much a long game

Even those who don’t follow mining or invest in it could probably tell you that a global energy transition will mean the world is going to need a lot more copper.

B.C. is Canada’s largest copper producer, with six operating mines and a couple of dozen projects at the early or late exploration stage that could become new mines one day. So is copper golden in B.C.?

Judging by presentations made last week at the annual Association for Mineral Exploration Roundup conference, at a panel called “The B.C. Copper Advantage,” the answer is “Yes, but.”

Craig Hart, director of the mineral deposit research unit at the University of British Columbia, pointed to the demand for copper that will result from the low-carbon economy – more electric cars, wind turbines and generally more electrification.

“All of that is going to require a lot more copper, and our feeling is that British Columbia is probably as well-poised as any jurisdiction on the planet to take advantage of and exploit the opportunity,” Hart said.

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