Mining company optimistic about N.W.T. proposed power expansion – by Richard Gleeson (CBC News Canada North – January 25, 2019)

Environmental group says money could be better spent helping communities off the power grid

A company that’s trying to revive mining in the Yellowknife area is optimistic about funding for the Taltson hydroelectric system β€” the biggest infrastructure project in the Northwest Territories.

“We’re obviously happy to see somebody starting to pay attention to power in the North,” said Joe Campbell, the executive chairman of TerraX Minerals.

The company is exploring 776 square kilometres of land in and around the city. It’s part of the historic Yellowknife greenstone belt that gave rise to the two gold mines β€” Con and Giant β€” and supported the city for more than 50 years.

Campbell says power is the main infrastructure issue his Yellowknife City Gold Project is facing. “The present system doesn’t meet the requirements of Yellowknife itself, never mind a mining operation.”

The territorial government’s proposed expansion of the Taltson hydro system, which includes linking it to the hydro system that serves Yellowknife, improves the prospect of turning TerraX’s gold project into a mine.

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