“Mine 9” thriller filmed in Appalachia, depicts dangers of coal mining – by Ellie Romano (WCYB.com – December 19, 2018)



The movie “Mine 9” was partially filmed in Buchanan County, Virginia at the Calico coal mine. The storyline follows nine miners who get trapped miles below the earth’s surface after an accident at the mine. The thriller is about how they can get out of the mine before time, and oxygen run out.

The movie is inspired by several mining accidents that happened in the Appalachian region.One of the film’s stars, Kevin Sizemore, is a West Virginia native. He grew up in coal country, but says working on the movie opened his eyes to the hard work coal miners endure every day.

“I never anticipated how hard that job was as a kid. When you’re a kid you don’t think about it. But then, as you get older you realize how hard it is and how hard these guys work,” said Sizemore. “I learned about the sacrifice they make physically, and for their families.”

News 5 also spoke with the film’s director, Eddie Mensore, who’s also from West Virginia. He said he’s been trying to make this movie for nearly a decade

“Mine 9” doesn’t have a release date yet, but Sizemore expects it will come out mid 2019.

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