[Glencore] Old mine set to become tech vanguard for Sudbury-based corporation – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – November 9, 2018)


Onaping Depth touted by Glencore as future of deep mining with all battery-electric operation

The Craig Mine-Onaping Depth Project is not only becoming a reality, but it will also have the distinction of being the first mine to be completely battery-electric, even if it means building equipment that doesn’t exist, yet.

It’s also a melding of old and new, with the previous mine’s infrastructure being used to transport equipment and personnel to the deposit.

Peter Xavier, vice-president of Glencore’s Sudbury Operations, gave an overview of the company, with a focus on the company’s mine project, at a Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Nov. 6.

The project, located about an hour’s drive north of Sudbury, will be a reflection of the company’s mandate to make mining cleaner and safer, to drive innovation, and to maximize opportunities to profit from the entire process.

“We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but find existing solutions being used elsewhere and see if we can apply them to mining at depth,” he said in his presentation. “The other side of that is mines are getting deeper, and we have to ask ourselves if we can keep applying procedures we use at higher levels as we go deeper.”

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