Fayette County: Old coal mining hub continues to be haunted by ghosts – by Taylor Neuman (CBS Fox WVNSTV.com – October 30, 2018)


WHIPPLE, WV (WVNS) – What is now a historical museum, was once the center of a coal mining community in the heart of Whipple, Fayette County. In the late 1800’s, the Whipple Company Store was a one-stop-shop, with everything from food to healthcare. Life was not easy back then and the stories that have been preserved within this store reflect just that.

Coal was everything during this time; a main source of income for many. In fact, any threat to their way of life met its match, and sometimes in the most brutal ways. Beatings and murders in plain sight, and there was nothing the community could do about it because the coal mining companies controlled everything.

According to local ghost hunter, Chris Colin, people were forced into situations they had no choice but which to agree.

“There were marriages that happened in this town that were not out of love, but convenience. A widow might have to marry a young miner the day after her husband died so she could keep the house and keep the family together and not be thrown out on the street,” Colin said.

Colin has a fascination for these kinds of stories, which feeds the paranormal activity that happens in the Whipple Company Store. He experienced the paranormal activity first hand.

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