Another Sudbury Basin may be next door: Inventus mapping anomaly in Temagami region, finds evidence of striking similarities – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – October 18, 2018)

One project at Inventus Mining Corporation has become an expedition to solve a mystery billions of years old. Chief geologist Wesley Whymark said one project is looking more like a mirror image of the Sudbury Basin, while another has been a challenge to accurately gauge gold resources.

He gave an overview of the junior mining company’s latest findings from their work in the Temagami Magnetic Anomaly and Pardo gold project at the monthly meeting of the Sudbury Prospectors and Developers Association, Oct. 16.

Its Sudbury 2.0 Project in the Temagami Magnetic Anomaly, which starts on Lake Wanapitei, 38 kilometres northeast of Sudbury, and ends on Bear Island in Lake Temagami.

It bears many magnetic similarities to the Sudbury Basin, as well as it is similar in size. But according to geological mapping and theories of the area’s geological history, it shouldn’t be there.

“Falconbridge referred to it as a mirage, which implies there is nothing there, it’s an illusion. But we found evidence there is something there,” he said. He explained the mission is to find the source of the anomaly. And the theory is it originates in Sudbury.

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