RNC Minerals recovers giant gold slab from its mine in Australia – by Cecilia Jamasmie (Mining.com – October 10, 2018)


Canada’s RNC Minerals (TSX: RNX), the company that last month unearthed more than 9,000 ounces of high-grade gold from a single blast at its Australian Beta Hunt mine, has recovered the first specimen.

The Toronto-based miner said the slab, weighing about 90kg, was cut in the field, revealing impressive visible gold and quartz structures. It’s estimated that the stone, which will be divided up into a series of smaller pieces, contains 1,000 ounces of gold.

Final weights and gold content will be determined for each specimen slab once all have been cut, RNC said.

“We expect that these spectacular specimen slabs will be highly sought after by mineral specimen collectors. With a minimum of 30-35,000 ounces expected from the Father’s Day Vein area, the company will be in a substantial net cash position to fully fund its upcoming activities,” Mark Selby, President and CEO of RNC said in the statement.

For now, six gold slabs weighing almost 200 kg are being displayed at the Perth Mint until late October. The company believes the gold-rich stones are among the biggest of their kind ever unearthed in Australia.

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