“Idaho is the new Nevada” – by Richard Roberts (Mining Journal – September 28, 2018)


VanEck’s Joe Foster said at last week’s Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit that Australia’s successful mid-tier gold regeneration could be repeated in North America in an improved gold and equity market.

Agro says he came out of semi-retirement to lead Revival Gold. The company wants to use the best modern exploration and metallurgical knowledge and methods to reboot the Beartrack-Arnett area, near Salmon in central Idaho, as a gold production centre.

Agro gave an update on progress at the Beaver Creek Summit and told Mining Journal the company’s longer-term vision was to build a “growth company in gold”, with a focus on the US and Canada.

The former Kinross Gold executive vice-president, and the rest of Revival’s high-calibre management group that includes chair Diane Garrett, former Meridian Beartrack site manager Pete Blakeley, and experienced geologist Steve Preiesmeyer, have been down that path before.

Agro said a widening gap between global gold production and reserve replenishment via new discoveries meant significant, quality finds would be accorded premium values by markets and big producers facing faster reserve depletion.

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