Demand for renewable energy drives the need for copper – by Erin Thorburn (AZ Big – September 18, 2018)

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Next time you make a call on your cell phone, drive a car and kick up the AC, remember to thank copper. In the words of Jonathan Ward, spokesperson for Resolution Copper, “Without copper, we would all be living in the Stone Age.”

Thanks to copper mining, we remain happily embedded in the 21st Century, but that’s not all we should be thankful for. In our small portion of the desert, Arizona mining has a huge impact on our state, on the Southwest and on the rest of the world.

From modern luxuries to renewable energy to the integrity of our national security, copper is one of Arizona’s most valuable export industries and commodities.

Copper is king in sustainable development

From the time it was discovered in 8700 B.C., copper was the reigning, sole metal known to man for almost five millennia.

As a result of its excellent electrical conductivity, copper’s most common use is in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. Because it corrodes slowly, copper is used in roofing, guttering and as rain spouts on buildings. It is also used in plumbing and in cookware and cooking utensils.

With even more time behind us, mankind continues to turn to this most precious of metals as the demand for renewable resources rapidly increases.

“As the world transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, demand for copper is expected to rise globally,” Ward explains. “As a major copper producing region, the State of Arizona’s copper demand can be expected to increase accordingly.

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