What’s the plan for the Ring of Fire?: Exit of province’s lead negotiator has Matawa chiefs waiting on Ford government’s next move – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – September 5, 2018)


The elimination of the province’s main negotiator in the Ring of Fire consultation process has the head of a northwestern Ontario First Nation tribal council waiting on the Ford government and Northern Ontario cabinet minister Greg Rickford to make the next move.

A Toronto media report claimed Justice Frank Iacobucci was axed by the Ford government in a purge of former government officials appointed under the previous Wynne government.

Iacobucci represented the province in the Regional Framework Agreement process initiated by the Wynne government in April 2014. David Paul Achneepineskum, CEO of Matawa First Nations Management, representing the nine Matawa First Nations, had a wait-and-see response in a statement released Sept. 5.

“On the removal of Mr. Iacobucci as lead-negotiator for Ontario under the Regional Framework Agreement process, Matawa First Nations leadership were able to develop a positive relationship with him during his time of service.

“It is not within our responsibility to comment on the rationale behind the new government’s decision but we do look forward to working with Minister Rickford and Premier Ford in the future.”

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