Diggers and Dealers plants the seed for M&A action – by Brad Thompson (Australian Financial Review – August 8, 2018)


The biggest Diggers and Dealers event since the last mining boom has wound down with a pregnant pause in big transactions, but they are on the way.

That’s the message from Diggers and Dealers co-owner Myles Ertzen as about 2297 delegates depart Kalgoorlie after three days of presentations, private meetings and partying. “It is never as simple as doing a deal on the back of a serviette,” he said.

“It is about getting people in a room and starting off a dialogue. A lot of deals get done because of Diggers, because of the meetings at Diggers and people catching up.” “In past years, there have been one or two booths with a line five deep waiting to talk to them because they are doing a deal or have made a discovery,” he said.

“It has been a bit different this year, but no doubt the mood is very positive.” Argonaut director of mining and metals research Matthew Keane said deals were in the wind based on discussions at Diggers and some would likely involve a repositioning of assets around the goldfields.

One prominent chief executive in the gold industry said an atmosphere of anticipation surrounded this year’s event.

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