The REAL reason Australian workers aren’t filling $150,000-a-year jobs – despite employers offering cushy perks including free accommodation with gyms, swimming pools and bars – by Adam McCleery and Kate Darvall (Daily Mail Australia – July 26, 2018)

A former FIFO worker has lifted the lid on why he and countless other Australians are refusing to apply for $150,000 jobs in the highly lucrative mining industry.

More than 1,000 jobs are up for grabs in Western Australia’s mining industry – with employers desperate to fill a vast range of positions to keep operations moving. But despite the huge salaries and cushy work perks – including free accommodation with gyms, swimming pools and bars – job seekers are choosing to stay at home.

Gold Coast worker Ryan, who asked to remain anonymous, said he considered himself one of the ‘lucky ones’ after quitting the fly-in-fly-out industry. Speaking to, Ryan revealed the extreme mental and physical impact working in the mines had on his colleagues.

‘It’s a proven fact that if you’re FIFO for longer than two years there’s a three in four chance your relationship will go bust, you get the few blokes out there that love working away because they have no ties at home but mostly everyone does not want to work that long away anymore,’ he said.

‘I think it should be illegal to work for four weeks straight.’ Ryan said it was a hard experience to be away from family for weeks on end, missing important family events and milestones.

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