Ripple effect of Cameco layoffs – by Adam MacVicar (Global News – July 26, 2018)

Following Cameco‘s announcement that the company is laying off 550 employees at its McArthur River and Key Lake mining operations, other businesses in Saskatchewan are beginning to feel the pinch.

Northern Resource Trucking (NRT) has been in business since 1986, and a large portion of its business is shipping chemicals and supplies to and from Cameco’s uranium operations in northern Saskatchewan.

“Cameco has always been somewhere in the neighbourhood of 80 per cent of our business,” NRT president Dave McIlmoyl said. The company said it was forced to lay off 22 drivers in January when Cameco announced temporary layoffs at the mines. The closures were only supposed to last 10 months, but markets haven’t shown signs of improvement.

“We’ve been six months without any work, our hope was in November they’d start to ramp up again and we’d be able to call the guys back and start working again,” McIlmoyl said. “Now we know they won’t be doing that so the layoffs will become permanent.”

According to McIlmoyl, NRT’s revenues took a 20 per cent hit due to the McArthur River and Key Lake closures.

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