B.C. continues to be permitting bog for mining: Fraser Institute – by Nelson Bennett (Business Vancouver – July 24, 2018)


Annual mining survey finds B.C. among the most opaque jurisdictions in Canada

Canada continues to be one of the most confusing and bureaucratic countries for mining and exploration, according to an annual survey by the Fraser Institute, and B.C. is among the slowest provinces in terms of permitting.

In its survey, 160 mining executives and managers said that regulations for permitting are confusing, lacking in transparency and, in many cases, duplicative.

They rate B.C., Nunavut and the Northwest Territories to be the most uncertain jurisdictions for mining and exploration in Canada. “What we’re seeing in our results is that B.C. is lagging behind Quebec and Ontario in many measures.

In particular the time it takes to receive permits is much longer in B.C. than in competing provinces,” said Fraser Institute senior policy analyst Ashley Stedman.

“There are challenges in terms of navigating the process, in terms of the timeliness, so investors are losing confidence in the exploration permit process in many provinces, particularly in British Columbia, because this opaque and confusing application process is taking longer and longer to complete.”

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