Why on earth is Trudeau still so committed to the failing carbon tax? – by Lorne Gunter (Toronto Sun – July 21, 2018)


“Canada is responsible for just 1.5% of worldwide greenhouse
gases, including the oilsands. Even if we shut in all our oil,
other countries would pick up our market share, meaning we
can impoverish ourselves, but the same amount of oil will still
be burned, likely with even more emissions.

It is naïve to think stopping Energy East or Trans Mountain or
other pipelines and megaprojects will save the planet. All it
will do is beggar Canadian companies, cost Canadian jobs and
make it even harder for Canadian governments to balance their

With the new Ontario government of Premier Doug Ford announcing it will fight the federal Liberal government’s national carbon tax, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s flagship “green” initiative is in far more jeopardy than might be obvious.

Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, Ian Brodie, has pronounced the carbon tax “politically dead,” while former Liberal whisperer Warren Kinsella tweeted the tax is “dead, pretty much.”

Prince Edward Island’s government also announced this month that it was out. And Newfoundland and Labrador is assumed to be exiting, too, since it had sent signals it would do whatever Ontario did.

According to AxetheCarbonTax.ca, once just one province (Saskatchewan) was opposed, now three are openly opposed, another two (New Brunswick and Newfoundland) are teetering and Manitoba is half in, half out.

If, as expected, the United Conservatives drive the NDP from office in Alberta next spring, by next summer seven of 10 provinces could be out. Only Quebec, B.C. and Nova Scotia would remain in the Trudeau camp.

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