Unloved uranium sector eyed for revival on reactor build – by Melanie Burton (Reuters U.K. – July 13, 2018)


MELBOURNE, July 13 (Reuters) – Seven years on from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, the beaten down uranium sector is attracting interest as analysts and investors see signs its time in the wilderness may drawing to an end.

Years of low prices have forced cuts by large producers who have also shelved new investments, while reactor restarts in Japan and a drive by China to cut pollution point to a potential revival, although the timing of any pick-up is unclear.

Australian fund manager Tribeca is betting on a sector recovery over the next two to four years, with the forthcoming launch of a uranium-focused mining investment fund.

It expects uranium prices and mining shares to rally as Asian nations build new reactors to reduce their reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

“You’ve seen Japan coming back … China has made a very clear and aggressive focus on reducing pollution, that’s becoming a theme that the rest of the emerging market is picking up,” fund manager Guy Keller told Reuters.

For the rest of this article: https://uk.reuters.com/article/australia-uranium/unloved-uranium-sector-eyed-for-revival-on-reactor-build-idUKL8N1U80ZG

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