African Chrome Fields: Game changer along the Great Dyke (Mining Review Africa – July 2, 2018)

Mining Review Africa

Privately-owned mining company African Chrome Fields is proving its commitment to Zimbabwe by expanding its already impressive alluvial chrome mining operations along the Great Dyke of the Southern African country with the aim of establishing a long and prosperous future.

Zimbabwe has garnered a lot of attention recently, this time for the right reasons, as former president and long-time ruler Robert Mugabe was ousted and replaced by his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

As a result of decades of economic degradation Zimbabwe has been left with a skeleton of an economy and a cash crisis that impedes any major company from doing business in the country.

The new dispensation however, bodes well for investors and project developers looking to tap into the country’s vast mineral resources, as Mnangagwa has adopted an “open for business” approach to foreign companies as he tries to bring about an economic revival within the country.

Johannesburg-based Moti Group, who owns and is the holding company of ACF, has taken a decision to strike while the iron is hot and double its investment in the country before the next election, which may cause asset prices to rise, as the country stabilises.

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