Kalgoorlie pub advertises for male skimpy barmaids to shake up mining town’s image – by Jarrod Lucas (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – June 28, 2018)


A pub in outback Western Australia is advertising for male skimpy barmaids to shake up Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s reputation as a male-dominated mining town.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, 600 kilometres east of Perth, is famous for gold mining — as well as its around-the-clock drinking culture, skimpy barmaids and strip of historic brothels along Hay Street. While it has become more family-friendly in recent years, the Hannans Hotel thinks there might be a new market for male skimpies.

By donning the uniform of a G-string and an optional bow tie, a male skimpy could potentially earn the same as their female counterparts who regularly take home up to $2,000 a week working behind the bar. The concept of the male skimpy was briefly trialled more than a decade ago in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and is now being revived by Hannans Hotel.

One male applicant in two months

The pub is named after Irish prospector Paddy Hannan, whose discovery 125 years ago, alongside fellow prospectors Tom Flanagan and Daniel Shea, sparked one of Australia’s biggest gold rushes.

It is also one of the few remaining hotels in Kalgoorlie-Boulder that serves a traditional miner’s breakfast for workers coming off the 12-hour night shifts, with scantily-clad women serving bacon and eggs with a beer behind the bar from 6am.

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